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Labour’s Wellington 2023 election commitments are focused on affordable housing, better public transport and action on climate change.


Aku kaupapa: My priorities:
Reporting back regularly to you
More, affordable houses
Support for the three waters initiative
Supporting the living wage
Council community support facilities everywhere
A Māori perspective on every issue before council.

Read the full Labour candidates policies here

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Mana whenua 

I will continue with Council's commitment to Whakatairanga I te ao Māori Te reo Revitalisation and deepen the commitments made in Tākai Here

(the relationship agreement between WCC and mana whenua)

Continue to work with mana whenua to expand opportunities for decision-making input, guided by Tākai Here and building on Māori ward and mana whenua representation

Work in partnership with mana whenua and tāngata whenua to develop a language strategy for the region based on a shared vision for success by 2040, including a plan to restore Te Reo Māori place names

Matthew Reweti in front of Taputeranga

Governance and Decision-making

Engage with mana whenua as set out in Tākai Here (the relationship agreement between WCC and mana whenua)

Establish an overarching structure and process for consulting communities and Māori in Te Whanganui-a-Tara

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