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Ngā Mihi. If you whakapapa to Taranaki Whānui then I want to represent you on PNBST.


Pease scroll down to view my pledge on rangatahi scholarships.

I've worked in the community-led environment. It's important to me to listen to you and to make space for your korero and whakaaro.

If you've found this webpage, then you have my taringa.

I am driven to serve others and to serve you. 


My values

  • create space for others to speak

  • support pathways for rangatahi, and new ideas

  • you before me and strength in unity

  • be kind, be honest, be accountable


Kaupapa I support

  • rangatahi scholarships

  • iwi business and economy

  • diversified investements 

  • growth of assets

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My pledge to you - rangatahi scholarships

First I acknowledge there are already scholarships across Taranaki iwi. But we can never have too many.


I pledge to use my skills and knowledge of fundraising and scholarships to create opportunities for our rangatahi. 


If you've ever heard the saying, money makes money, I believe it's true. I'm experienced with funds which grow year-on-year. This is how we fund the future of iwi. We continually invest in diversified growth funds with the right amount of risk. We start small with the aim of growing big, beyond own own generations.

I can also use my relationship management skills and experience to raise further funds to support this kaupapa. I am determined to make this work. But I need your help. Give me your vote for PNBST.

This is in addition to the pledge in my candidate profile. That was to use my communications and relationship management skills to increase and improve access to information relevant to you.

“It takes a noble person to plant a seed for a tree

that will some day give shade to people they may never meet.” 

You and me. Let's be noble people and get these scholarships rolling for Taranaki Whānui.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

021 189 1105

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